Are you looking for the security of the Swiss franc


My name is Jean-François Meillard and I am a Swiss chartered accountant. I would like to personally welcome you to the Swiss Annuity Consumer Bureau. We are your independent source for objective information about Swiss (and Liechtenstein) annuities.

We are an independent information bureau. We are not affiliated with any insurance company or sales organization. All we have to offer you is information.

Naturally, everything I cover in the Consumer Guide is legal and one-hundred percent tax compliant for Americans. As a chartered accountant, I would have it no other way.

I wrote The Consumer's Guide To Swiss Annuities at the request of my international clients. They wanted to know exactly what Swiss annuities are, how they work and if they are right for their personal situation. It became clear to me that a consumer's guide simply did not exist. There is no single source to turn to and learn the "ins and outs" of Swiss annuities. The Consumer's Guide was written to fill that need.

In my 44 page booklet you will learn all about Swiss annuities, how they work, whether they make sense for you and if you are interested, how to learn more.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Are you looking for the security of the Swiss franc, combined with complete Swiss asset protection, (including bankruptcy), enormous investment flexibility, privacy - where your financial affairs are known only to you - as well as the opportunity control your own investments? If so, then the Consumer's Guide to Swiss Annuities™ is for you.

Jean-François Meillard

Jean-François Meillard is a Chartered Accountant who lives and maintains his offices in the town of Cugy, Switzerland. A life time resident of the Swiss Romand (the French speaking part of Switzerland) he was born in Lausanne in 1946.

Upon the completion of his accounting studies, he was awarded the degree, Brevet d’agent fiduciaire. Mr. Meillard is a member of the Chambre Fiduciaire Suisse. Being fluent in French, German, Italian and English, he has developed a large international clientele.

He specializes in creating structures to assist his clients to minimize their taxes and preserve their wealth.

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